Advantages of RPS: fast and precise
Speed up the product development, reduce cost and optimize the supply chain
The working principle of RPS people is integrity, cleanliness, professionalism, speed and precision.
We have a team of experts in professional 3D printing, CNC forming, rapid mold, mold, carbon fiber and other processes. With rich experience and excellent management process, your project can be safely handed over to RPS. Through professional analysis, RPS can help you speed up the time-to-market and help you manage the project schedule and the whole process of the project. .
Advantages of RPS
Quick market response

RPS can quote in 10 minutes at the fastest speed and hand in parts in 4 hours.

Short manufacturing time makes your development and improvement faster

It makes the products into the market faster.

RPS can help to Optimize the design.

Through DFM analysis, RPS help to solve the problems before production. 

Experienced engineers in RPS could provide the technical support at any time.

On-line website information resources are available at any time

Release the risk reduce costs

Repeated validation and small batch production prior to fabrication of expensive formal molds can save costs and reduce risks.


Provide abundant capacity and even spare parts to prevent production delays.


Produce on demand and maintain the reasonable inventory

RPS data overview

  • Number of factories of RPS


  • Area of the factory


  • Partners and joint ventures


  • Production capacity per day

    mass production 20000+

    small volume production 2800+

  • Annual projects


  • Clients distribution

    40+ innovative developed countries

    500+ world famous brands

RPS is a super manufacturer with comprehensive crafts. Its response speed is very fast, which could fully meet the requirements of rapid marketing and processing of our new products. As our first-choice partner, RPS helps us to improve our competitiveness.

— Automotive Interior structure Engineer


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