RPS solution case
  • UAV lightweight project
    Competition on the civil aviation market is fiercer increasingly. All the aircraft companies are researching the way of improving the conversion efficiency of motors to realize more excellent flight performance of aircrafts. Full carbon fiber UAV developed by RPS and XX Company has realized a dramatic weight decrease of 40% and an endurance mileage increase of 30%, improving the competitiveness on the market significantly.
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  • XXX UAV Company
    Manned UAV is characterized by the light carbon fiber body and a small batch of production.
  • GAC NE
    Four sets of bumpers printed and coated in three days,which ensures the structure verification of the key nodes of the project.
  • Water sports equipment company
    Full carbon fiber electric sliding plate was rapidly launched on the market by seizing the opportunity and became specific equipment for high-standard competitions.
  • Grade-I supplier of world famous automobile
    Automobile air conditioning condenser water chamber rapid tooling PA and glass fiber project shortened the development time and significantly reduced trial product costs.
  • Trial production of new FAW vehicles
    The whole vehicle trial production project uses the silicone and compound mold technology, significantly reducing development costs and shortening the development period.
  • Robot sweeper
    Robot sweeper applies compound mold + silicone mold process to realize the economic cost and a small batch of production for the first time.
    Automobile air conditioning applies the SLS process to realize test of structural and functional parts.
  • Bosch Electric Tools
    RPS rapid manufacturing technology is applied to batch production of electrical tools.
  • Medical equipment
    Rapid tooling + injection mold process is used for manufacturing integrated intelligent operating tables.