Design considerations

When designing products, the production technology and manufacturability of parts must be taken into account. Fast access to suggestions about 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal manufacturing and injection molding of plastics, metal and soft rubber parts can shorten production time and reduce p

  • Mold Design of Water Chamber of Automobile Air conditioning Condenser
    Regarding design of injection molds of parts resisting high and low temperatures, the materials of the parts are special, so there will be substantially uncontrollable deformation during injection molding. The design and production process of RPS will navigate the whole technical solution process.
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Key points of design
We have collected and displayed the basic manufacturing processes of RPS on the website, and compiled the basic information about the characteristics of some processes for design reference and project evaluation of customers and RPS personnel, including 3D printing, mechanical processing, mold manufacturing, injection mold, injection molding production, carbon fiber, etc. Each item of design analysis and guidance is based on the manufacturability. Design, material selection and process selection and many tips for reducing costs are provided.
  • CNC

  • 3D printing

  • Injection molding

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