Material classification

RPS provides over 100 kinds of plastic, rubber, metal, PU and foam materials which are suitable for the prototype and mass production.

  • Plastic
  • metal
  • PU
  • carbon fiber
  • rubber
  • Choose correct materials for rapid tooling
    It is vital for realizing functions of your products to sufficiently understand processing crafts and matched material performance. RPS provides the process operating manual and material guidance as your design reference so that you can realize perfect design conveniently. . . . . .
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  • Choice of engineering materials and material properties
    Various engineering plastics, PU, metal materials, rubber and carbon fiber materials used by RPS are provided by high-end brand suppliers in the world. Help customers determine the load, stress, deformation coefficient in combination with RPS's years of material use experience, test data and technical observation. Choose the right material on the basis of analysis.
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