inspire people with great undertakings, attract people with liberal wages and benefits, unite people with excellent culture, improve people with better conditions.

  • Talent values
    Joining RPS is an exciting time. We are always looking for more talented professionals to join RPS. RPS has a level playing field, offering competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and a variety of colorful leisure activities. More importantly, RPS will lead you to a career future that suits your growth.
  • Human resources management guidelines
    The RPS industry is positioned in the global innovation wing and belongs to the advanced manufacturing industry that promotes innovation. The mission of RPS is to create value for customers with precision services. We pride ourselves on being the wing of innovation, helping our customers turn product concepts into marketable products at an unprecedented rate. We look forward to you – a dynamic, intelligent and engaging professional – to create the future of advanced, fast manufacturing.
  • Human Resource Planning and Policy
    The core is to establish a human resources mechanism and system that matches the strategy and make the unified planning.

    Support strategy, prepare in advance;

    Focus on demands, manage with different classification 

  • Recruitment and Appointment
    The core is to make the suitable employee work in the suitable posts, clarify the employment standards, and ensure the fair and transparency in the recruitment and appointment process.

    clear standard, inside employee in priority

    Morality first, ability is important

  • Training and Development
    The core is to establish a training model based on post competency, to build a smooth career channel, to respect the personal will of employees, to develop professional competence, and to enhance the leadership.

    Perfect the channel, plan for development and improve the ability.

  • Motivation
    The core is to distribute the value based on employee's contribution and share the value growth of share the value growth of RPS

    Market drive, effective inspire

    Co-create undertaking,effective appreciate

  • RPS cooperation principle
    Sunshine friendly trust sharing win-win
  • RPS working principle
    Integrity, net, professional, fast, accurate
  • Job application
    RPS offers a variety of positions for you to choose. We warmly welcome you to join us and create a better future together.

    Contact person: Ms Hou

    Tel.: 13926547101


  • Exit
    The core is to form a virtuous circle, where leaders can act as the higher and lower positions, and employees can go in and out. It shall provide reasonable guarantee for those who have the contribution.

    Fair competition, smart use talent

    Personable guarantee, moderate elimination

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