Mechanical mold special glossary

Rapid tooling craft is used according to part structure and quantity. RPS can use typical low-cost and rapid production tools technologies to realize low volume production and enable customers’ product to be quickly marketed in the most economical way.

  • Additive manufacturing/3D printing
    It is a commonly-used interactive manufacturing , which scans a CAD model or an actual object in layers, and then forms a solid three-dimensional object by a layered overlay process. SLA, SLS and SLM are commonly used by this craft.
  • A-Side
    Sometimes called the “cavity”, it is the half of the mold which usually creates the exterior of a cosmetic part. The A-side usually does not have moving parts into it.
  • On-axis hole
    A hole that is concentric to the axis of revolution of the turned part, usually on the end of a part and in the center.