Rapid tooling craft is used according to part structure and quantity. RPS can use typical low-cost and rapid production tools technologies to realize low volume production and enable customers’ product to be quickly marketed in the most economical way.

  • What are the advantages of RPS? Why do I choose RPS to manufacture my parts?
    RPS provides services in industrial 3D printing, CNC machining, rapid tooling, injection molding and carbon fiber products. RPS directly provides parts according to the 3D data provided by the customer to reduce the probability of errors. RPS’s ERP software is used for progress and file control to reduce manufacturing time and cost.
  • How can the confidentiality measures of RPS reassure us about the intellectual property rights design?
    For the projects that RPS is involved, we will keep confidential with customers and projects, and have signed strict confidentiality agreements with customers. RPS has also signed confidentiality agreements with all RPS employees to ensure that the data is protected in a strict legal environment. The internal network of RPS adopts the one-way mode, and the client's data are managed by dedicated server. It only allows the data input and output is forbidden. When the data is used, it would be deleted immediately, so that customers don't have to worry about the data confidentiality. The internal data is encrypted to ensure the security of data exchange.
  • What industries does RPS serve?
    RPS services include aerospace, military, automotive, medical equipment, intelligent equipment, robotics and other fields.
  • What production resources does RPS have?
    RPS has 5 own factories in China and 9 joint ventures or high-quality partners. RPS's current factory is located in the precise manufacturing center city of mainland China: Shenzhen and Dongguan. Your project production is completed in these factories, and shipped to China and even around the world by S.F. Express, DHL, Fedex.
  • When should I use 3D printing, rapid tooling, machining and injection molding?
    In the initial stage of design, you need to make a preliminary inspection of the appearance and structure of the design, thus you can use 3D printing or CNC processing, which is very fast and economical; When you design a product that requires some sample parts for functional testing, engineers usually only need one or some parts for testing fixtures or assembly fixtures. CNC machining is also the best choice. Choose CNC machining with same material as the design material. Your product design is basically complete. Before investing in manufacturing injection molds or mass injection molds, you probably want to be as close as possible to the parts in production. When small batch trial production is needed, rapid mold production, such as vacuum casting, RIM mold, rapid steel mold and aluminum mold, can be selected, which can ensure the high efficiency and basically meet the requirements of small batch parts without paying expensive mold costs. Injection molding is more suitable for mass production. If you need large quantities of parts and already have a budget for the cost and time of manufacturing steel molds (usually 4 to 6 weeks), we can provide molds and parts to meet the quantity requirement of 2000-10,000 pieces per month.
  • How can I get quotation?
    To get quotation for all our services,please leave your contact information. You will get feedback in a few hours. If there are some problem areas in the submitted design, our professional quotation engineers will provide detailed information on potential manufacturing problems and propose possible solutions.
  • How does the quotation process work?
    After uploading the 3D drawings to our website, you shall submit your sample requirements, such as the purpose of parts, surface treatment, special requirements and other information, and we will contact you to inquire about the relevant requirements according to the information you provide, then we can give the quoted price later.
  • What materials in stock does RPS have in CNC machining?
    We stock all kinds of plastic and metal materials, including ABS, nylon, PC, P P, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Check a complete list of more than 40 inventory materials for milling and turning.
  • Why do I choose CNC machining instead of 3D printing?
    CNCmachining parts have the real properties of the material you choose. RPS’s craft allows you to make parts by plastic block and metal block within the same time as 3D printing.
  • What's unique about the RPS project management?
    We upload the 3D parts model provided by customers to ERP for control. All production links of your product will be reflected in ERP. And we will send you the project schedule at least twice a week so that you can keep abreast of the progress of production.