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RPS Marketing and Engineering have a number of experienced mold project engineers to accurately meet customer needs. In the project cycle, quality management and cost control, we provide customers with the most optimized solutions to ensure the development of the project and the smooth and rapid dev

  • CMM machine
    The CMM machine refers to the three-coordinate measuring machine, which is an instrument that can show the measuring abilities of geometry shape, length and circumference indexing in the space of a hexahedron. It is also called the three coordinate measuring instrument or the three coordinate measuring machine. CMM machine is the digital measuring equipment in general purposes based on the coordinate measurement.
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  • 2.5D Projector
    2.5D image measuring instrument is suitable for all application fields aiming at two-coordinate measurement, which is widely used in machinery, electronics, instrumentation, plastics and other industries. It can measure the line, angle, circle, center distance, , height, plane distance, space distance, smoothness, sphere, etc.
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  • Micrometer
    Spiral micrometer, also known as micrometer, spiral micrometer gauge and G-caliper, is a more precise tool for measuring length than the vernier caliper. Its accuracy is 0.01 mm, and it can be divided into mechanical micrometer and electronic micrometer. Technical standards: GB1216-85
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  • Durometer
    Durometer is a kind of hardness testing instrument, which indicates the ability of materials to resist hard objects pressing into its surface. It is one of the most important performance indicators of metal materials. According to the principle, it can be divided into: Leeb hardness tester, rockwell hardness tester, brinell hardness tester, shaw hardness tester, shore hardness tester, barcol hardness tester, microhardness tester, mohs hardness tester, vickers hardness tester and so on.
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  • Height Gauge
    It is also known as the height vernier caliper. Its main purpose is to measure the height of the parts. In addition, it is often used to measure the tolerance size of shape and position, and to draw the lines sometimes. Its accuracy is 0.01 mm, and it can be divided into mechanical micrometer and electronic micrometer. Technical standards: JB5609-91
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  • Caliper Testing
    The vernier caliper is a tool to measure the length, inner and outer diameter and depth, and its accuracy has three minimum reading values of 0.02 mm, 0.05 mm and 0.01 mm. The caliper mainly includes the vernier caliper, dial caliper and electronic digital caliper, with the technical standards of GB/T21388, GB/T21389 and GB/T21390.
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