Project management

RPS Marketing and Engineering have a number of experienced mold project engineers to accurately meet customer needs. In the project cycle, quality management and cost control, we provide customers with the most optimized solutions to ensure the development of the project and the smooth and rapid dev

  • Why does RPS need project management?
    For each order, quote from customer needs and process selection—→ sign contract—→ project discussion—→ order production—→ material procurement—→ production follow-up—→ quality management—→ sample delivery—→ quality abnormal feedback— → Exception handling — → mold delivery, real-time monitoring of the entire series of processes. Real-time control and management of each link, and make targeted adjustments to the problems that arise, so as to achieve high-efficiency, high-quality, high-standard project completion.
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  • RPS introduces advanced ERP system
    The ERP system can monitor the progress of each project management process to achieve control over the progress of the project. For the delivery date and quality management, there are professional full-time account managers to follow up and control in real time to ensure the timely delivery of the project.
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