CNC milling
RPS has dozens of ultra-high-speed, ultra-precision CNC milling machines that can produce custom prototypes and end-use production parts in as little as 15 days or less, giving you fast samples with high quality and short delivery times. Shorten your product development cycle.

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How does the CNC milling work? ?

CNC milling is a craft, which the raw block is fixed, high-speed rotating milling cutters travel on the block to cut out the shape and geometry needed. Traditional milling is mostly used for milling the outline and slot and other simple outline characteristics. CNC milling machine can be used for machining products of a complex shape and geometry. The milling and boring center can be used for three-axis or multi-axis machining. It can be used for machining molds, fixture tools, mold tools, thin-wall thickness and complex curved surfaces, artificial prostheses and blades. When selecting the CNC milling content, the advantages and key roles of CNC milling machine should be given full play to.


Shipment within 12 hours

Starting price RMB350

Common applications

>> Low volume production.

> > Aluminum parts

> > Steel parts

> > PA, POM and other functional parts milling

  • Design guidelines
    Main processing objectives for which CNC milling is suitable include the following categories: Plane profile parts, parts with a bevel angle or variable angles, parts, holes and threads with a spatial curved surface, etc.
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  • CNC milling technology
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RPS resources
  • Craft guide
    Application of carbon fiber in the aviation and military fields
    The aviation and military fields are characterized by keeping pursuing for flight and motion speed, so light weight is necessary. As the most reliable and effective high-strength material at present, carbon fiber has mature molding craft. You can get the high-quality and complex carbon fiber parts in accordance with the technical suggestions of RPS and CSC.
  • Craft guide
    3D printing material
    About 3D printing, the first thing is to know the performance of thermoplastic materials and metal materials, and suitable 3D printing craft and materials can be chosen in accordance with functional demands, molding characteristics and material performance by virtue of SLA, SLS and SLM technologies.
  • Craft guide
    Plasticity design: Essential elements
    Whether you are a newbie of injection molding or the experienced professional in the manufacturing industry, RPS craft operation manual can provide craft suggestion that can bring significant economic benefits to your part design, forming quality, forming efficiency, which contain wall thickness, surface smoothness,tolerance, material and other thermoplastic molding etc. Some tips may help you manufacture better parts.
  • Craft guide
    Rapid manufacturing craft
    Each craft has its own advantages and disadvantages. From 3D printing to CNC and injection molding, RPS craft operation manual provides technical experience for different manufacturing craft. You can compare advantages of each craft and choose the most suitable one to your project.
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