Double-color injection mold
Double-color injection mold means the mold where two plastic materials are injected in one injection molding machine, formed at twice, while products are demoulded at one time. Usually this molding process is also called as dual-material injection molding. The process is usually completed with one set of mold and special double-color injection molding.

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Double-color injection mold

Depending on the characteristics and application of multi-color injection molding and co-injection molding of two materials, this process may replace the traditional molding manufacturing gradually. The innovative injection molding technology improves the precision degree of injection molding, provides difficult manufacturing technology and expands the scope of the injection molding field. Innovative injection equipment and process is able to cope with demands for diversification, high quality and high added value of products.

Double-color injection molding has been widely applied to almost all the plastic fields such as electronic products, electrical tools, medical products, household appliance, toys, etc. And manufacturing and molding of double-color molds and development of multi-color injection molding machine and double-color injection molding raw materials have achieved the fast development.


Shipment within 1-25 days

Starting price RMB3000

Common application

>> Small batch production

>> Bridge tooling

>> Pilot operation

>> Functional prototype

  • Advantages of double-color insertion injection molding process
    Compared with traditional injection molding, co-injection molding of two materials has the following advantages: 1. Low-viscosity materials can be used as the core material to reduce the injection pressure. 2. Considering environmental protection, recycled core materials can be used. 3. According to the application characteristics, soft materials are applied to the outer layer of thick finished products, hard materials or foam materials are applied to the core so as to reduce the weight. 4. Low-quality core materials can be used to reduce the cost. 5. Expensive and special property of materials can be applied to the outer layer or the core, such as materials which prevent electromagnetic interference and high-conductivity materials to increase the performance of the product. 6. Proper outer and core materials can reduce the residual stress of finished products and increase the mechanical strength or product surface properties. 7. Products with marble grain can be produced.
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  • Double-color insertion injection molding materials
    Double-color injection mold is popular on the market. With this kind of process, the appearance of products is more beautiful, the color is changed more easily without coating, while this process is expensive and needs high technical requirements.
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